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     Vinatex Hong Linh Joint Stock Company is an independent accounting unit, a member of Vietnam National Textile and Garment Group (Vinatex).

     Established at the end of 2009, and officially in operation since 2013. The Company’s main products are cotton yarns and P/C, specifically:

– The CD siro yarn including: Ne 16, Ne 17, Ne 20, Ne 21….

– The CD yarn including: Ne 26, Ne 30, Ne 32…

– The compact CD yarns including: Ne 30, Ne 32.

– The PC yarn including: CVCD, TCD.

     With the Motto : “Quality make Customer’s sastifaction”, Vinatex Hong Linh JSC is constantly increasing competitiveness, affirming position as well as the brand in both domestic and international markets with strict standards such as Japan, Korea, Europe….

– Foreign transaction name: VINATEX HONG LINH JOINT STOCK COMPANY.

– Abbreviation name: VINATEX HONG LINH JSC.

– The Brand: VHL

– Address : Nam Hong industrial zone small handicraft industries, Hong Linh town, Ha Tinh province, Viet Nam

– Phone: (84-393) 574.568 – Fax: (84-393) 574.568

– Email: vinatexhonglinh@gmail.com

– Website: www.vinatexhonglinh.com


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